Table of Contents: American Jewish History, Volume 102, Number 1, 2018

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We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of American Jewish History, which includes a special section titled "The Jewish 1968 and its Legacies," guest edited by Ari Y. Kelman, Tony Michels, and Riv-Ellen Prell. American Jewish History is published by Johns Hopkins University Press and the American Jewish Historical Society.

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Kirsten Fermaglich, Adam Mendelsohn, and Daniel Soyer, Editors

Nick Underwood, Managing Editor

Special Section: "The Jewish 1968 and its Legacies"

Introduction, The Jewish 1968 and its Legacies

Ari Y. Kelman, Tony Michels, Riv-Ellen Prell

The American Soviet Jewry Movement's "Uneventful" 1968: Cold War Liberalism, Human Interest, and the Politics of the Long Haul

Shaul Kelner

Women's Liberation and Jewish Feminism after 1968: Multiple Pathways to Gender Equality

Joyce Antler

The Political Economy of Day Schools

Ari Y. Kelman, Janet Bordelon

Research Articles

The Great Adventure of 1929: The Impact of Travel Abroad on American Jewish Women's Identity

Melissa R. Klapper

Two Travellers and Two Canadian Jewish Wests

Richard Menkis

America on the Responsa Map: Hasidim, Mitnagdim, and the Trans-Atlantic Social Network of Religious Authority

Zef Segal, Menahem Blondheim

Review Essay

Sephardi, Jewish, Argentine: Community and National Identity, 1880–1960, Adriana M. Brodsky, and Argentine Jews in the Age of Revolt: Between the New World and the Third World, Beatrice D. Gurwitz, reviewed by Paulette Kershenovich Schuster

Book Reviews

Interpreting American Jewish History at Museum and Historic Sites, Avi Y. Decter, reviewed by Dale Rosengarten

Raising Secular Jews: Yiddish Schools and Their Periodicals for American Children, 1917–1950, Naomi Prawer Kadar, reviewed by Benjamin M. Jacobs

To Stand Aside or Stand Alone: Southern Reform Rabbis and the Civil Rights Movement, P. Allen Krause, reviewed by Josh Parshall

Reframing Holocaust Testimony, Noah Shenker, reviewed by Jared Stark

Neither in Dark Speeches Nor in Similitudes: Reflections and Refractions Between Canadian and American Jews, eds. Barry L. Stiefel and Hernan Tesler-Mabé, reviewed by Joshua Furman

The Perils of Living the Good and True Law: Iberian Crypto-Jews in the Shadow of the Inquisition of Colonial Hispanic America, Matthew D. Warshawsky, reviewed by Karoline P. Cook