TOC: Jewish Social Studies 23.2

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The editors of Jewish Social Studies are pleased to announce the publication of issue 23.2, with the following articles:


Enacting Ethnicity: Yiddishkeit Masked and Unmasked on the Contemporary American Stage

Jeffrey Shandler


A Radical Advocacy: Suffering Jews and Animals in S. Y. Abramovitsh’s Di Kliatshe

Noam Pines


A Late Imperial Elite Jewish Politics: Baghdadi Jews in British India and the Political Horizons of Empire and Nation

Elizabeth E. Imber


An “Interior Occident” and the Case for an Oriental Modernity: The Livornese Printing Press and the Mediterranean Publishing Networks of Elia Benamozegh (1823–1900)

Clémence Boulouque


Negotiating Presences: Palestine and the Weimar German Gaze

           Rebekka Grossman


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