TOC: Jewish Quarterly Review Vol. 106.2

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The following is the Table of Contents for the Spring 2016 issue of the Jewish Quarterly Review (Volume 106.2) published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

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"On Muses and Mystics: Some Essays on Some Essays" by Solomon Schechter

Editor’s Introduction by Elliott Horowitz 

"Saving Knowledge" Lawrence J. Kaplan on ‘‘Nachman Krochmal and the ‘Perplexities of the Time’ ’’ (1887)

"Reclaiming His Past" Arthur Green on ‘‘The Chassidism’’ (1887)

"Rabbinics without the Crutch of Canonicity" Eliyahu Stern on ‘‘Rabbi Elijah Wilna, Gaon’’ (1890)

"Rocks versus Gravel, or: Schechter on Modern Jewish Excellence" Irene E. Zwiep on ‘‘The Seminary as a Witness’’ (1903)

"The Saint in the Drawing Room" Abraham Socher on ‘‘Saints and Saintliness’’ (1905)

"Asceticism, Mysticism, and Messianism: A Reappraisal of Schechter’s Portrait of Sixteenth-Century Safed" Elliot Wolfson on ‘‘Safed in the Sixteenth Century: A City of Legists and Mystics’’ (1908)

The World of the Talmud


"The ‘‘Evil Inclination’’ of the Jews: The Syriac Yatsra in Narsai’s Metrical Homilies for Lent" by ADAM H. BECKER

Review Forum

"Irano-Talmudica: The New Parallelomania?" by ROBERT BRODY

‘‘This, but Also That’’: Historical, Methodological, and Theoretical Reflections on Irano-Talmudica" by SHAI SECUNDA

"The Bavli, the Roman East, and Mesopotamian Christianity" by RICHARD KALMIN

"Irano-Talmudica and Beyond: Next Steps in the Contextualization of the Babylonian Talmud" by SIMCHA M. GROSS