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Volume 56, Issue 1 
Table of Contents 
Jonathan Magonet 
Displacement, Memory and the Visual Arts: Second-Generation (Jewish) Artists 
Introduction Displacement, Memory and the Visual Arts: Second-Generation (Jewish) Artists 
Imogen Wiltshire and Fransiska Louwagie 
Chasing Shadows: The Uses of Photography in the Work of Second-Generation Visual Artists in the UK 
Monica Bohm-Duchen 
‘In and Out of Each Other's Worlds’: The Art of Mother and Daughter, Helga Michie and Ruth Rix 
Rachel Dickson 
From Archive to Print: The Diarist Victor Klemperer and the Isakowitz Family 
Monica Petzal 
Inner Recreation: Trauma, Objects and Collaboration in Second-Generation Visual Arts 
Judy Goldhill and Fay Ballard 
Inherited Trauma, Place, Embodied Memory and Artistic Practice: A Conversation 
Lorna Brunstein and Katie O'Brien 
Holocaust Memory Memorials and the Visual Arts in the Netherlands: From Early Public Monuments to Contemporary Artists 
Joël J. Cahen 
The Jewish secOnd generation art & family Museum Amsterdam: The Creation Story of JOMA 
Maarten K. van der Heijden 
In Search of a Lost Childhood: Holocaust, Play and Filiation in Sigalit Landau's Works 
Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg 
Visual Narratives of Jewish Identity: The Creative Work of Third-Generation Comic Artist Miriam Libicki 
Betsy Inlow 
In Memoriam 
Rabbi Dr Tovia Ben-Chorin z'l (15 September 1936–23 March 2022) 
Jonathan Magonet 
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