Query: Early 20th Century American Zionist Poets

Timothy Quevillon Discussion

Hopefully someone in the H-Net world can help me with a resource I have come across:

While parsing through issues of the Memphis Jewish newspaper the Hebrew Watchman from the 1920s and 1930s, I noticed that each week they published a poem by one of a handful of Zionist authors, some of whom seem local and some who are national and global names.  About 75 percent of those published were by Abe Cohn and Max Boshwitz, and they routinely sold anthologies of each man's work in the newspaper.  I am uncertain if these were local figures or people with prominence beyond West Tennessee.

Does anyone out there have any insight as to who these figures might have been?  And if they were poets from outside of Memphis, does anyone know of anything that may have been written about them?  Any insight anyone may have, or any advice on where I may be able to continue my research journey on them (beyond Google, of course) would be greatly appreciated.  I can be reached at trquevillon@gmail.com.  

Timothy Riggio Quevillon, PhD