Query: Canadian Jewish Ethical Wills

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I am searching for Jewish ethical wills written by Canadians for my dissertation.  For the record, an "ethical will" is not a legal document but a letter usually from parents to children about moral legacy, wishes and hopes. It has been called a "seed packet" for the future or a love letter from the hereafter. These letters are often written during a rite of passage:  a terminal illness, the birth of a baby, a war, an upcoming move, or the separation of family members from a variety of circumstances.   Soliders have written letters  from battle zones as well so sometimes the letters are from young people to their parents.  While these ethical wills are most often in the form of an old fashioned letter on paper, they also exist as documentaries of personal history as well as podcasts , videos, and mini memoirs.  

I am looking for primary documents and would be grateful for any assistance.


Lesley Simpson