TOC: Announcing Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy Volume 31.1

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We are pleased to announce the new volume of the Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy

Volume 31.1


Letters and Livelihood: R. Baḥya ben Asher’s Commentary on the Recitation of the Manna Story, 1-29

(Idan Pinto)

Human-Animal Reincarnation and Animal Grief in Kabbalah: Joseph of Hamadan’s Contribution, 30-56

(Leore Sachs-Shmueli)

Crescas and Gersonides on Freedom, Astrology, and Divine Omniscience, 57-72

(Alexander Green)

From Rational to Metaphysical: R. Hayyim of Volozhin’s Torah Lishmah as a Radical Concept, 73-101

(Raphael Shuchat)

The Unconscious in Rosenzweig’s The Star of Redemption: On the Threshold of a Possible Revelation, 102-126

(Ronen Pinkas)

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