EVENT: Living Law in Jewish Studies: 2023 Spring Colloquium at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies

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This two-day, in person conference is dedicated to exploring the many ways that Jews live and have lived law in the modern era, asking how Jewish actors have experienced legal pluralism, actively shaped different legal regimes, and understood the role of law in constructing state and non-state forms of sovereignty. It will also discuss living law as a component of evolving practices of Jewish law and a bone of contention in American judicial politics. Side by side with various forms of living law, this conference also addresses, from a number of disciplinary perspectives, “lived law” and attempts to replace it with other forms of Jewish or secular self-expression and self-regulation.


Jessie Allen • Leora Batnitzky • Itamar Ben Ami • Sigal Ben-Porath • Leora Bilsky • Julie Cooper • Carolyn J. Dean • Noëmie Duhaut • Roxanne Euben • Rachel Feldman • William Forbath • Shai Ginsburg • Nan Goodman • Tafat Hacohen-Bick • Haider Ala Hamoudi • Susan Kahn • Jessica Marglin • Thomas Prendergast • Simon Rabinovitch • Michal Raucher • Elias Sacks • Chaim Saiman • Micah Schwartzman • David Sorkin • Nomi Stolzenberg • Elly Teman • Kevin Walsh • Mira Wasserman • Natasha Wheatley • Sarah Zager

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