CFA: Seminar "Jewish Thought, European Thought in the Italy of the Long Renaissance" (June 19-21)

Serena Di Nepi Discussion

The Institute for Jewish Religion and Philosophy at Universität Hamburg would like to invite PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to apply for fellowships to attend the “Jewish Thought, European Thought in the Italy of the Long Renaissance” seminar to be held in Hamburg on 19–21 June 2023.

The Institute of Jewish Religion and Philosophy is a partner in the “Jews in Politics in Long Renaissance Italy (13th–17th Centuries): Practices, Sources, Models” project, together with the École française de Rome, Sapienza Università di Roma, the Università di Pisa, and the Università di Bologna. What does the study of previously untapped sources with a new series of questions reveal about the capacity for political action and the formulation of political thought among Jewish men and women in Long Renaissance Italy (13th–17th centuries)? The minority situation and the resulting constant need for negotiation led to specific processes of political participation that can be traced in important documentary sources. However, this participation and documentation have so far been neglected byhistoriography. The seminar will examine this “Jewish politics” in order to prove the existence of political agency and to describe it in terms of its specific characteristics (pragmatism, pursuit of group interests, recourse to mediation and alliances, its own institutional and documentary structuring) and its interactions with European politics.

One fundamental aspect of the relationship between Jews and politics is the philosophical reflection that some Jewish intellectuals reserved for the political tradition. During the seminar, leading scholars will discuss important texts from the history of Jewish and Christian political thought (fourteenth and eighteenth centuries).


  • Giuseppe Veltri (Universität Hamburg)

  • Pierre Savy (Université Gustave Eiffel, Paris)

  • Serena Di Nepi (Sapienza Università di Roma)

  • Alessandra Veronese (Università di Pisa)

  • Guido Bartolucci (Università di Bologna)


  • Cedric Cohen Skalli (University of Haifa)

  • Hanna Gentili (British Library)

  • Flavia Buzzetta (CNRS)

  • Sina Rauschenbach (Universität Potsdam)

  • Roberto Lambertini (Università degli Studi di Macerata)

  • Ian Campbell (Queen’s University Belfast)

  • Francesca Gorgoni (University of Haifa)

  • Anna Lissa (Université Paris VIII)

The IJPR will provide five scholarships to early career researchers, covering their expenses for room and board for the duration of the seminar (three nights max). The participants will be asked to attend the seminar and discuss the sources proposed by the speakers.
The applicants are requested to send a cover letter (max. two pages) and a CV (max. five pages) in one PDF file. The documents must be submitted via email by 15 March 2023 to Giuseppe Veltri ( and to Guido Bartolucci (


For further information and questions, please contact Giuseppe Veltri (giuseppe.veltri@uni-