Free Online Event: Memory in the Time of War

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Join us for the free online plenary of the 54th AJS Annual Conference
with Jessica Auchter & Marta Havryshko and moderator Mira Sucharov 

Thursday, December 15, 2022; 1 pm EST

Jewish Studies has long been concerned with issues of memory, identity, war, and conflict. This plenary takes these topics, and the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine as a starting point to ask how warfare disrupts sites of memory, places scholars at those sites at risk, and challenges who owns memories of the past. Moderated by Dr. Mira Sucharov, Professor of Political Science at Carleton University and an expert in Israel/Palestine and questions of narrative and memory, panelists Dr. Marta Havryshko, Director of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center (Kyiv), and Dr. Jessica Auchter, Professor of International Studies at Université Laval with expertise in visual representation and memory, will explore what counts as "proper" memorialization, the idea of transnational memory, and contested memories and controversies in Ukraine, as well as the larger implications in other cases around the world.

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