TOC: Journal of Jewish Languages issue 4.1

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The latest issue of the Journal of Jewish Languages, edited by Ofra Tirosh-Becker and Sarah Bunin Benor and published by Brill, is available:

Journal Title: Journal of Jewish Languages
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2016

Research Articles:

Diversity of Judeo-Arabic Dialects in North Africa: Eqa:l, Wqal, kjal
and ʔal Dialects
Author: Joseph Chetrit.
pp.: 1–43

Jewish Argument Style among Russian Revolutionaries
Author: Gabriella Safran.
pp.: 44–68

Remnants of Maghrebi Judeo-Arabic among French-born Jews of North
African Descent
Author: Cyril Aslanov.
pp.: 69–84

Jewish Neo-Aramaic Innovations
Author: Hezy Mutzafi.
pp.: 85–108

Book Reviews:

Yiddish and Power, written by Katz, Dovid
Author: Jeffrey Shandler.
pp.: 109–112

The Syntax of Neo-Aramaic: The Jewish Dialect of Zakho, written by Cohen, Eran
Author: Michael Waltisberg.
pp.: 113–118

YIVO and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture. Scholarship for the
Yiddish Nation, written by Kuznitz, Cecile Esther
Author: Kalman Weiser.
pp.: 119–124