TOC: Announcing Hebrew Union College Annual (HUCA) Volume 92

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HUC Press is pleased to announce the publication of HUCA volume 92. We are also excited to inform authors and readers that with this volume all of the HUCA archive including this most recent publication is available to institutional subscribers to the Atla serials database. Individual digital subscriptions to HUCA are no longer required as all material will be open to Atla subscribers without any firewall. We are excited to expand our availability though this partnership. Please search Atla through your respective institution's access to view the most recent and all previous HUCA articles or check the stacks for the print-edition. HUCA also continues to be accessible through the JSTOR archive with a one-year firewall. 

•    1. The תורה in רות – Notes on Judean Literary Onomastics 
By: Cooley, Jeffrey L. Source: Hebrew Union College Annual, 92 , p 1-13. 
DOI: 10.15650/hebruniocollannu.92.1

•    2.
Trumpets and Shofarot in the War Scroll (1QM): Musical and Terminological Insights
By: Piamenta, Moshe. Source: Hebrew Union College Annual, 92 , p 15-45. 
DOI: 10.15650/hebruniocollannu.92.2

•    3.
Reckoning the End of Days: A Study in Yefet ben ʻEli's Biblical Exegesis
By: Nadler-Akirav, Meirav. Source: Hebrew Union College Annual, 92 , p 47-69. 
DOI: 10.15650/hebruniocollannu.92.3

•    4.
The Two Different Endings of Sefer haMiddot
By: Kadish, Seth. Source: Hebrew Union College Annual, 92 , p 71-203. 
DOI: 10.15650/hebruniocollannu.92.4

•    5.
The Influence of Mendelssohn's Commentary on Qohelet on Nineteenth-Century Orthodox Jewish Commentators in Eastern and Western Europe
By: Ganzel, Tova. Source: Hebrew Union College Annual, 92 , p 205-223. 
DOI: 10.15650/hebruniocollannu.92.5

•    6.
On the Edge
By: Minkoff, N B; Finkin, Jordan D (Translator, "Author of introduction, etc. "). Source: Hebrew Union College Annual, 92 , p 225, 227, 229-281. 
DOI: 10.15650/hebruniocollannu.92.6