TOC: Shenaton Hamishpat Haivri 28

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We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 28 of Shenaton Hamishpat Haivri (2014-2015) (Heb):

Table of Content:

Itzhak Brand: Transaction over a Future Estate ('Davar She'lo Ba La'olam'): A Metamorphosis of Halakha

David Henshke: The Optional War in Tannaitic Literature

Shalem Yahalom: Tuch: An Ashkenazic Rewriting of French Tosafot

Ronit Irshai: Rape of Unmarried Women: From Hazal to Maimonides

Yonatan Feintuch: Daughters’ Inheritance: Halakha, Law and Literature (in the Footsteps of the Story of R. Yehudah Nesi’ah)

Mordechai Akiva Friedman: The Aguna, the Judge and the Jurisconsult: A Geniza Responsum by Alfasi (?) in Judeo-Arabic

Amihai Radzyner: Jewish Land Law: One More (Impressive, yet Unsuccessful) Attempt to Insert Jewish Law into Israeli Legislation

Izhak Englard: The Status of the Jews According to Bishop Ioannes Caramuel y Lobkowitz (1606-1682) 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: On the Jews and their Laws    


The new volume can be achieved at the Institute for Research in Jewish Law


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