EVENT: The Second Annual International Doctoral Conference, Department of Jewish Philosophy, Bar-Ilan University

(Isaac Hershkowitz Discussion


August 3-4, 2022

Israel (GMT+2)


Wednesday, August 3 (zoom)




Greetings and Opening remarks

Bar-Ilan University Rector, Prof. Amnon Albek

Dean of Jewish Studies Faculty, Prof. Shmuel Refael

Department of Jewish Philosophy Chair, Prof. Hanoch Ben-Pazi



Opening Panel

Innovations in Kabbalah Research

Chair, Prof. Gershon Greenberg

Ayelet Walfish-Fraenkel, “Between the Detained and the Rebellious: A Gender Perspective on the Myth of Lilith in the Zohar”

Hillel Feuerstein, “Between Apolo and Dionysus: The Kabbalistic Demiurge as Deus Artifex”

Eugene D. Matanky, “Collaborative Notetaking in Sixteenth-Century Safedian Kabbalah: Anonymous Disciples of Solomon Alqabeṣ and Moses Cordovero”



A Tale of a Ukrainian Town: 80 Years to the Destruction of Drohobych - Jewish Art, Culture, and Thought

Chair: Prof. Moti Inbari

Prof. Miriam Rajner, “Maurycy Gottlieb's ‘Jews Praying in the Synagogue on the Day of the Atonement’ (1878): a Polish Jewish Artist in Search of an Identity”

Dr. Leore Sachs-Shmueli, “The Rebbe Painter: Hasidic-Zionist Theology from Drohobych to Zion”

Prof. Karen Underhill, “Bruno Schultz’s Poetics of Golus: Galician Jewish Modernism in Interwar Poland and Polish as a Jewish Vernacular”

Dr. Isaac Hershkowitz, “Rabbi Dr. Ya’akov Avigdor’s Literary Project: Before and After the Holocaust”


Thursday, August 4 (Bar-Ilan Campus, Building 1002)


Gathering and Welcoming Words



3 parallel panels



Jewish Mystical Traditions

Chair: Dr. Naama Ben Shahar

Yedidia Wengrower, “Shaʻare Tsedeḳ and Shaʻare Orah by R. Joseph Giqatilla – A Comparative Study”

Merav Medina Karniel, “A Literary Reading of the Midrashim of 'Teshuvah' in the Myth of Creation, as Test Case for the Textual Transformation from 'Pirkei DeRabbi Eliezer' to the Zohar Literature”

Liran Haim Lavi Breslaw, “The Production of  a Manuscript”



Modern Jewish Thought

Chair: Dr. Miryam Feldman-Kaye

Yanir Shashar, “The Concept of God in the Thought of Modern-Day Orthodox Thinkers Divided into the External Paradigm and the Reflective Paradigm”

Yossi Breuer, “'Faith in the Thought of Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Feivelson: A Human Need for a Sense of Security or a Desire for Self-Discovery and Human Greatness”

Shahar Zadok, “Meta-Halachic and Educational Considerations in Rabbi Yuval Cherlow's Halachic Ruling”



Kabbala and Modern Rabbinic Thought

Chair: Dr. Yossi Greenfeld

Tzachi Katz, “ ‘Undressed Souls’ in Rabbi Yehuda Fetaya's World”

Yosef Gohar, “Otzar Nehmad by Rabbi Moshe ben Ya'akov the Exile of Kyiv”

Nehama Amram, “Exile of Sehchinah and its Tikkun as a Leitmotif in Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira’s Liturgical Hymns”

Dvora Swartzberg, “Heavens - Between Essence and Metaphor in MaHaRaL's Thought”



Coffee break



3 parallel panels



Junctions Between Jewish and General Philosophy

Chair: Dr. Yael Sela Teichler

Noam Oren, “Prayer: A Philosophical Inquiry”

Ido Dagan, “Time of Belief: The Effect of Henri Louis Bergson’s Concept of Durée on R. Abraham Joshua Heschel`s Concept of Belief”

Amit Omer, “Non-Metaphysical Justifications and a New Religious language:  The Influence of Emanuel Kant's Philosophy on the Thought of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook and Rabbi Isaac Breuer”

Israel J. Cohen, “The Nature of Halakha: A Philosophical-Analytical Inquiry”



Jewish Philosophy in the 20th Century

Hilla Pladott, “The Holocaust as a Turning Point in the Thought of Rabbi Léon Yehuda Askénazi (Manitou): Manitou's Teaching as Post-Holocaust Thought”

Miri Levin, “The Chasidic-Interpretive Method of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (The Lubavitcher Rebbe) for Talmudic Aggadah According to his Commentaries on Sages' Tales”

Yonatan Karish, “Seers at the Western Wall: The Common Denominator on the Concept of Prophecy in the Thoughts of Rabbi David Cohen (Hanazir), and Abraham Joshua Heschel”



Jewish Medieval Thought

Chair: Dr. Niran Gerstein

Arye Rainer, “ ‘Topica’ in Averroes' Middle Commentary, on Aristotle's Topics”

Katharina Hillmann, “Dialectics in Gersonides' Commentary on Job”

Avishay Galili, “Hassdai Crescas’ Concept of God’s Infinite Dimensions and the Place of the World and its Effect on Spinoza's Epithet of Expansion."



Lunch break



3 parallel panels



Theology, Religion, Revelation

Chair: Prof. Sharon Flatto

Shaul Wachsstock, “ ‘Logos of theology’: Benny Lévy’s Critical Reading of Levinas’s Commentary on Nefesh HaChaim

Anaël Malet, “Revelation and Law in Rosenzweig’s Thought: A Cross-Examination of his Writings on Islam and Jewish Law”

Avi Kallenbach, “Converting a Christian Text to Judaism: Menahem di Lonzano’s Commentary on the Pope Prophecies”

Ran Afek, “Accepting the Unacceptable - Institutional Religion and the Ascension to Heaven”



Zionist Thought

Chair: Dr. Sarit Schusheim

Raziel Seckbach, “The Meaning of the State of Israel in the Teachings of Rabbi Yosef Eliyahu Hankin”

Haggai Ratner, “Simon Rawidowicz’s Idea of ‘Two Houses’ in his Analysis on the Renewal of Hebrew Literature”

Hodaya Samet Har shefi, “Jerusalem: City of Man and City of God”

Shacham Geva, “Revenge in the Hebrew Bible in an Israeli Perspectives”



Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis

Chair: Dr. Leore Sachs-Shmueli

Shiffy Slovatiski, “Shadow and the Image of God in a Zoharic Story: Life and Death in one Speech”

Leah Schwartz, “A Clinical Case Study in Light of Zoharic Texts: The Role of the Text in Psychoanalytic Transformation”

Ori Fried, “Dialectic of Flaw: Tikkun of the first Human Sin in the form of Jacob-Israel in the Zoharic Literature, in Relation to the Idea of the Oedipal Complex "



Exhibition Vernissage: “Faces of Drohobych”

Curator, Dr. Isaac Hershkowitz

Daniela Mabor: Chair, Association of Drohobycz, Boryslaw and the Vicinity Descendants

Toast in honor of the Department’s newly recipients of Ph.D. degrees



Keynote lecture

Chair: Prof. Hanoch Ben Pazi

Introduction: Dr. Leore Sachs-Shmueli


Prof. Bracha L. Ettinger

“If You do Well: Carry – The First Ethical Commandment”


Conference Committee:

Dr. Leore Sachs-Shmueli

Dr. Isaac Hershkowitz