CFA: Southern Jewish Historical Society Accepting Grant Applications for 2022

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The SJHS Grants Committee is now accepting applications for the current year (2022 cycle).

Grant awards typically range from $500 to $2000. Please keep these limitations in mind when making your request. SJHS does not support indirect costs (“overhead”) for items such as salaries of existing employees, utilities, office space, etc., so please limit requests to items that are direct costs of the project.

SJHS offers the following grants:

  • The Project Completion Grant is intended to facilitate the completion of projects relevant to Southern Jewish history. Grants may not be used to fund research or travel, but are intended to cover production or completion expenses such as the editing or indexing of a publication, costs related to illustrations or photo permissions, the production of a media project, or the fabrication of exhibits. 
  • The Dr. Lawrence J. Kanter Grants assist scholars and independent researchers with travel and other expenses related to conducting research in Southern Jewish history. Graduate students completing doctoral dissertations are particularly encouraged to apply. A Kanter grant also is available for research into Florida Jewish history.
  • The Scott and Donna Langston Archival Grant supports projects aiming to preserve archival materials related to Southern Jewish history, either in secure repositories or in digital format.

Proposals should indicate which grant is being applied for, and also include the following:

  • The submitter's name, address, phone number, email, and affiliation. 
  • A brief abstract of the project, including its relevance to Southern Jewish history; a discussion of its goals and the questions or problems it intends to address; information about its format, content, and schedule for completion; and, where relevant, plans for its dissemination. 
  • Resumes or CVs of key individuals involved in the project, indicating the experience or training that suits them to carry out the project successfully.
  • If the project is related to a publication, exhibit, or media production, please include a letter of endorsement from the publisher, producer, or sponsoring museum or organization indicating their commitment to publish, produce, or carry the project forward, and a sample of the work that gives the committee a sense of what the final product will look like.
  • If the project is related to the preservation or processing of an archival collection, please provide a letter of endorsement from the repository where the collection will be housed and a sample copy of some of the materials to be preserved.
  • A detailed budget itemizing each expense for which support is requested. If the funds requested are to support a piece of a larger project, please provide information on the total budget as well as on the piece for which support is requested. Budgets should also indicate what funds you have requested and/or received from other sources.

The deadline for applications to all grant programs is June 17, 2022. Please send the application materials as an email attachment in Word or PDF format to the chair of the grants committee, Joshua Furman, at sends e-mail) with “SJHS Grant Application” and your last name in the subject field. You should receive a confirmation email indicating receipt of your application within one week of submission. Since applications occasionally go astray, if you do not receive a confirmation within one week after submission, please send a follow-up email to make sure the application was received.

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