EVENT: Online conference May 9 - 12 Canadian Society for Jewish Studies

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The Canadian Society for Jewish Studies / Société canadienne des études juives is an academic society for the study of Jews and Judaism in all countries, in all historical periods and from all scholarly perspectives. Canadian and international members are welcome.

All are invited to the annual conference of the CSJS, taking place on line, via Zoom, May 9 – 12. For the Zoom link email Justin_Lewis@umanitoba.ca with CSJS in the subject line. There is no charge to attend; all are invited to join CSJS, http://www.csjs.ca/membership.


PROGRAM SUMMARY (a full program with abstracts will soon be available at http://www.csjs.ca/)



Monday May 9 – Thursday May 12, 2022

“Morning” sessions: 10-11:30 am Eastern Time (5-6:30 pm Jerusalem time)

“Afternoon” sessions: 1-2:30 pm Eastern Time (8-9:30 pm Jerusalem time)


Monday May 9 / lundi 9 mai


Sephardi Experiences

Yoel Marciano: The first wave of immigration of Jews from Aragon to Algeria: challenges of immigration and acclimatization

Ana Marques: Jewish Criminality in the Reign of D. João II

Idan Breier: "The Fading Flower of its Glorious Beauty" (Isa. 28: 1b): The Use of Biblical Verses in Rabbi Yaacob Sasportas' "Tzitzat Novel Tzvi". 


Panel francophone

Jonathan Bourgel : « Hérode le Juif »? Réflexion renouvelée sur la judéité d’Hérode le Grand 

Guadalupe Gonzalez Dieguez et Adam Mitelberg: Le bouquet de myrrhe, par Isaac b. Abraham ibn Latif (ca. 1210-1280) : réflexions sur l'édition des manuscrits hébreux médiévaux aujourd'hui

Vicky Karali: L’antisémitisme sur l’internet grec : quelques incidents récents (2020-2021)


Tuesday May 10


Rabbinic Literature

Harry Fox: Who is the Anonymous Tanna of Mishnah?

Brachi Elitzur: Polemic trends in shaping the characters of Doeg and Ahitophel in the Rabbinic literature

Natalie C. Polzer: The White Drop and the Fetid Drop – Gendered Reproductive Theology in Moral and Medical Discourse in Classical Rabbinic Tradition


Death and Love in Literature and Art

Nadine Sheinberg: Self-Portraiture of Felix Nussbaum:  An Intentional Representation of Bios

Laura Wiseman: A Peculiar Pair: “Couple” by Sivan Har-Shefi  

Aubrey Glazer:  Do You Really Want It Darker? Chibut Hakever' & Dhātu Manasikāra in Light of Leonard Cohen’s Death, Dying & Self-Mourning Lyrical Rituals


Wednesday May 11


Ideas and Identities

Ronel Atiya: Between Israel and the Nations—on Judaism, Christianity, and Zionism in the Writings of Rabbi Mordechai Hacohen of Tripoli 

Mariann Farkas: A Jewish Artist in Quest of Identity: Fra Angelico’s Annunciation Reinterpreted by Hédi Tarján (1932-2008) 

Orna Cohen: Why Are Arab MKs Serving in Zionist Parties?  


Women and Jewish Law and Lore

Marinka Yossiffon: The legal positions of women who vitiate or sell their marriage contracts

Tirzah Meacham: Original Sin, Punishment, Atonement, and Conception

Deidre Butler and Betina Appel Kuzmarov: Kosher Divorce? When Canadian Jewish Divorce isn’t Orthodox


Thursday May 12


Struggles of Faith

Eyal Davidson: “He Shall First Come to the Galilee” – The Background for Messianic Yearning in the Galilee at the Dawn of the Modern Era 

Evyatar Varman: Logic, Experience and Language in Franz Rosenzweig's Star of Redemption

Daniel Reiser: Elie Wiesel’s Tale of a Niggun: Between Literature and History


What Kind of Jewish?

Robert A. Katz: The Cincinnati Torah War

Itay Zutra: Dancing Jews and Bear Taming in Modernist Yiddish Poetry

Ira Robinson: The New Haven Yeshiva, 1923-1937: an Experiment in American Jewish Education