CFP for a roundtable at AJS "Teaching through Film: Refugees"

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Dear colleagues,

Film Committee is looking for 2-3 more participants for the roundtable at AJS, CFP below.

Teaching through Film: Refugees

Roundtable Proposal

Each year, AJS the Film Committee organizes a film program and the pedagogical session, “Teaching through Film,” focusing on a different subject. Past topics have included Gender, Jewish Humor, the Hebrew Bible, Israel Studies, the Holocaust, and Online/Offline teaching. These sessions bring together leading scholars in their fields who share their “best of” practices for using film in their courses. The goal is to generate a hands-on, dynamic conversation and enrich the participants’ pedagogical toolboxes.

This year, we are focusing on the theme of refugees, including migration and displacement. One obvious motivation is the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, which triggered Europe’s largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. But even before this conflict, the plight of migrants was already animating public discussion and polarizing electorates around the world. In this session, we’ll examine what insights film can offer on the extreme situation of forced displacement. Which methods, tools, and films worked well? 

Each panelist will focus on a different film, film excerpt, or approach to demonstrate their pedagogical potential. Topics might include the roles that class, ethnicity, religion, language, and nationality play in the refugee experience, how films represent displacement, emplacement, and migration, and how film can be used in the Jewish Studies classroom to help students understand the human stakes of refugee crises.Each presentation will conclude with recommendations for further readings, activities, and assignments. 

If interested, please email Olga Gershenson, gershenson at with your name, affiliation, and a brief proposal by April 15.

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