EVENT: Montefiore Seminar: Talk with Cynthia De Petrillo and Francis Parentau (April 29)

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Please join the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies on Friday, April 29, 2022, at 11:00 AM EDT / 6:00 PM IST for a virtual talk with Cynthia De Petrillo and Francis Parentau.


Cynthia De Petrillo
"Religion on Television: From Israel’s Shtisel to America’s Big Love - How Audiences Dive into New Worlds and Recognize Themselves"

Cynthia De Petrillo is a deeply curious and passionate individual. Her work in the television industry has allowed her to observe that the stories we tell have immense power. She chose to marry her professional experience with her studies in the hopes of demystifying the powers of storytelling.

Francis Parentau
“Pomegranate: the sacred fruit of Israel and its effect on blood vessels”

Francis is a PhD student in the Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology at Concordia University. His research revolves around understanding the effects that polyphenols, which are plant compounds, have on cardiovascular health and how they may in turn improve functional capacity over time. Currently, Francis is studying Urolithin A extracted from pomegranates as well as A-type proanthocyanidin extracted from cranberries and their effect on blood vessels in a rodent model.

Montefiore Graduate Fellowship:
The annual Montefiore Seminar showcases current and ongoing research pursued by recipients of the Institute's Montefiore Graduate Awards. Over the past decade, a number of our Award winners have embarked on successful national and international academic and scholarly careers. To find out more about the Awards, please contact the Director of the Institute!