ANN: Online Lecture, 7 Oct, Centering Asia: How World War II Recast American Visions for Global Order

Melissa Dale Discussion

The University of San Francisco Center for Asia Pacific Studies welcomes Prof. Erez Manela (Professor of History, Harvard University) to share his current work, which focuses on World War II and how it reshaped US relations with the world, and with the Asia Pacific in particular.

Thursday, October 7, 5:15-6:30 pm PT, Online via Zoom Webinar

World War II thrust Asia into the center of Americans’ thinking about global order. With the Pacific a major theater of war and China a crucial ally, the prewar international order founded on imperialism and white supremacy seemed near collapse. But what might take its place? This talk outlines an oft neglected wartime vision that advocated a new order based on decolonization, self-determination, and racial equality as indispensable to world peace.

Free and open to the public. Register here.

Community Partners: USF MA - Asia Pacific Studies; USF History Department