H-Diplo Publication Schedule, 27 September to 08 October

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The H-Diplo publication schedule for the period 27 September to 08 October is as follows:

Week of 27 September:

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Simon Miles, Engaging the Evil Empire: Washington, Moscow, and the Beginning of the End of the Cold War. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2020.

Introduction by Jussi M. Hanhimäki, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva


Fritz Bartel, Texas A&M

Bradley Lynn Coleman, Virginia Military Institute

Stephanie Freeman, Mississippi State University

Jonathan Hunt, U.S. Air War College

2.  H-Diplo Essay Series on Learning the Scholar’s Craft: Reflections of Historians and International Relations Scholars.

Expect the Unexpected When Learning the Scholar’s Craft

Essay by Kathryn Stoner, Stanford University

3. H-Diplo ISSF Article Review of Jonathan D. Caverley and Peter Dombrowski, eds., “Security Studies in a New Era of Maritime Competition,” Special issue of Security Studies, Vol. 29, no. 4 (2020), 579-796.

Reviewed by Alessio Patalano, King’s College London

4.  H-Diplo Article Review of Iain D. Henry, “What Allies Want: Reconsidering Loyalty, Reliability and Alliance Interdependence.” International Security Vol. 44, no. 4 (Spring 2020): 45-83.

Reviewed by Luis Simón, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

5. The H-Diplo/ISSF Policy Series: America and the World: The Effects of the Trump Presidency

Stuck: “America First” and the Middle East

Essay by Patrick Porter, University of Birmingham

6. H-Diplo Review of Rana Mitter, China’s Good War: How World War II is Shaping a New Nationalism. Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University, 2020.

Reviewed by: Sally Burt, Independent Scholar

Week of 04 October:

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Paul Betts, Ruin and Renewal: Civilizing Europe after World War II. New York: Basic Books, 2020.

Introduction by Glenda Sluga, European University Institute, Florence. 

Reviewed by:

Giuliana Chamedes, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dina Gusejnova, LSE

Aden Knaap, Harvard University

2. H-Diplo Essay Series on Learning the Scholar’s Craft: Reflections of Historians and International Relations Scholars.

Panning for Gold

Essay by John Prados, National Security Archive

3. H-Diplo Forum on Scholars and Digital Archives: Living the Dream?

Introduction by Richard H. Immerman, Williams College.


Matthew Connelly, Columbia University

Kaeten Mistry, University of East Anglia

Christopher J. Prom, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library

Joseph C. Wicentowski, the Office of the Historian

4.  H-Diplo Article Review of Jennifer M. Miller, “Neoconservatives and Neo-Confucians: East Asian Growth and the Celebration of Tradition,” Modern Intellectual History (2020), 1-27.

Reviewed by Joyce Mao, Middlebury College

5. H-Diplo ISSF Article Review of Arman Grigoryan, “Selective Wilsonianism: Material Interests and the West's Support for Democracy,” International Security 2020; 44 (4): 158–200.

Benjamin Denison, Notre Dame International Security Center

6. H-Diplo Book Review of Teishan A. Latner, Cuban Revolution in America: Havana and the Making of a United States Left, 1968-1992. Justice, Power, and Politics Series. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2018.

Reviewed by William Michael Schmidli, Leiden University


Diane Labrosse, H-Diplo managing editor