H-Diplo Publication Schedule, 13 November to 01 December

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The H-Diplo publication schedule for the period 13 November to 01 December is as follows:

Week of 13 November:

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Douglas Little, Us versus Them:  The United States, Radical Islam, and the Rise of the Green Threat.  Durham, North Carolina:  University of North Carolina Press, 2016.

Introduction by Paul Thomas Chamberlin, Columbia University

Reviewed by:

Terry H. Anderson, Texas A&M University.

Jeffrey James Bryne, University of British Columbia

Lloyd Gardner, Emeritus Rutgers University             

Salim Yaqub, University of California, Santa Barbara

2. H-Diplo Article Review of Kenneth Kolander, “Phantom Peace: Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson, J. William Fulbright, and Military Sales to Israel.” Diplomatic History 41:3 (June 2017): 567-593.

Reviewed by James R. Stocker, Trinity Washington University

3. H-Diplo Article Review of Daniel Gorman, “International Law and the International Thought of Quincy Wright, 1918-1945.” Diplomatic History 41:2 (April 2017): 336-361.

Reviewed by Timothy Andrews Sayle, University of Toronto.

4. H-Diplo Article Review of Sebastian N. Page, “‘A Knife Sharp Enough to Divide Us’: William H. Seward, Abraham Lincoln, and Black Colonization.” Diplomatic History, 41: 2 (April 2017): 362-391.

Reviewed by Marc-William Palen, University of Exeter

Week of 20 November:

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Kenton Clymer, A Delicate Relationship: The United States and Burma/Myanmar Since 1945. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2015.

Introduction by Andrew J. Rotter, Colgate University

Reviewed by:

David L. Anderson, California State University, Monterey

Anne L. Foster, Indiana State University

Michael Walton, St. Anthony’s College

Shelton Woods, Boise State University

2. H-Diplo Article Review of Matthew D. Linton, “Any Enlightened Government: Mortimer Graves’ Plan for a National Center for Far Eastern Studies, 1935-1946.” Journal of American-East Asian Relations 24: 1 (2017): 7-26.

Reviewed by Yanqiu Zheng, Northern Arizona University

3. H-Diplo Review of Conan Fischer, A Vision of Europe: Franco-German Relations during the Great Depression, 1929-1932. Oxford. Oxford University Press, 2017.

Reviewed by Talbot Imlay, Université Laval

Week of 27 November:

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Nathan Citino, Envisioning the Arab Future: Modernization in U.S.-Arab Relations, 1945-1967. Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Introduction by Osamah F. Khalil, Syracuse University

Reviewed by:

Begüm Adalet, New York University

Laleh Khalili, SOAS, University of London

Guy Laron, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nicole Sackley, University of Richmond

Cyrus Schayegh, Graduate Institute, Geneva

2. H-Diplo Article Review of John Collins, “Breaking the Monopoly System: American Influence on the British Decision to prohibit Opium Smoking and End its Asian Monopolies, 1939-1945.” The International History Review, 39:5, (2017): 770-790.

Reviewed by Virginia Berridge, University of London

3. H-Diplo Review of Richard Ivan Jobs. Backpack Ambassadors: How Youth Travel Integrated Europe. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017.

Reviewed by Alexander Vazansky, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

4. H-Diplo-ISSF Roundtable Review of Frank P. Harvey and John Mitton, Fighting for Credibility: U.S. Reputation and International Politics (Toronto, CA: University of Toronto Press 2016).

Introduction by Peter D. Feaver, Duke University,

Reviewed by:

Rebecca Friedman Lissner, Council on Foreign Relations

Danielle L. Lupton, Colgate University

Rupal N. Mehta, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Keren Yarhi-Milo, Princeton University


Diane Labrosse, H-Diplo managing editor