H-Diplo Publication Schedule, 17 to 28 May

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The H-Diplo publication schedule for the period 17 to 28 May is as follows:

Week of 17 May:

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Andrew J. Williams, France, Britain, and the United States in the Twentieth Century. A Reappraisal, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020.

Reviewed by:

Lindsay Aqui, University of Westminster

Martin Conway, University of Oxford

Michel Fortmann, Université de Montréal

Frédéric Heurtebize, l’Université Paris Nanterre

2. H-Diplo Essay Series on Learning the Scholar’s Craft: Reflections of Historians and International Relations Scholars.

Becoming a Transnational Historian

Essay by Leila J. Rupp, University of California, Santa Barbara

3. The H-Diplo/ISSF Policy Series: America and the World: The Effects of the Trump Presidency

Donald Trump and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Deal

Essay by Susan Colbourn, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

4. H-Diplo/ISSF Review of Jessica Trisko Darden. Aiding and Abetting: U.S. Foreign Assistance and State Violence. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2020.

Essay by Matthew S. Winters, University of Illinois

5. H-Diplo Article Review of Samuel J Hirst and Onur Isci, “Smokestacks and Pipelines: Russian-Turkish Relations and the Persistence of Economic Development.” Diplomatic History 44:5 (November 2020): 834–859.

Reviewed by Timothy Nunan, Free University of Berlin.

6. The H-Diplo/ISSF Policy Series: America and the World: The Effects of the Trump Presidency

Transatlantic Relations after Trump: Mutual Perceptions and Historical Perspectives

Essay by Alessandro Brogi, University of Arkansas

7. H-Diplo Review of Dilip Hiro, Cold War in the Islamic World: Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Struggle for Supremacy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020.

Reviewed by Asher Orkaby, Princeton University Transregional Institute

Week of 24 May

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Danhui Li and Yafeng Xia. Mao and the Sino-Soviet Split, 1959-1973: A New History. New York: Lexington Books, 2018.

Introduction by Sergey Radchenko, Cardiff University


Jeremy Friedman, Harvard University

Austin Jersild, Old Dominion University

Niu Jun, Peking University

Deborah Kaple, Princeton University

Steven I. Levine, University of Montana

David Wolff, Hokkaido University

2. The H-Diplo/ISSF Policy Series: America and the World: The Effects of the Trump Presidency

The Trump Administration’s Insidious Approach to Human Rights

Essay by Sarah B. Snyder, American University

2. H-Diplo Article Review of Talbot Imlay, “Clarence Streit, Federalist Frameworks, and Wartime American Internationalism.” Diplomatic History 44:5 (November 2020): 808-833.

Reviewed by Daniel Gorman, University of Waterloo.

3. H-Diplo Article Review of Ilnyun Kim, “The Vital Center for United States-China Relations in the 1950s.” Diplomatic History 41:4 (September 2020): 609-635.

Reviewed by Priscilla Roberts, City University of Macau

4. H-Diplo Review of Andrew Phillips and J.C. Sharman, Outsourcing Empire: How Company-States Made the Modern World (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2020).

Essay by Swati Srivastava, Purdue University

5. The H-Diplo/ISSF Policy Series: America and the World: The Effects of the Trump Presidency

“If Biden wins, Adelson and the Evangelicals are out”: The Trump Presidency and the Question of Palestine

Essay by A. Dirk Moses, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Victor Kattan, University of Nottingham

6. H-Diplo/ISSF Forum on Max Abrahms, Rules for Rebels: The Science of Victory in Militant History (Oxford University Press, 2018).

Introduction by: James J. Wirtz, Naval Postgraduate School


Martha Crenshaw, Stanford University

Audrey Kurth Cronin, American University


Diane Labrosse

H-Diplo managing editor