ANN: HAC public lecture on the Reagan administration's response to HIV/AIDS

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On Monday, December 7, students, scholars, and interested members of the public will have another opportunity to take advantage of a virtual meeting of the State Department’s Historical Advisory Committee by attending a fascinating lecture. Alexander Poser, from the State Department’s Office of the Historian, will draw on the research he conducted when compiling the volume on Global Issues, 1981-1988, to provide new insights on the Reagan administration’s response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Anyone who has heard Alex speak knows that we are in for a real treat. We hope you will sign on and encourage your students to as well. The details follow. Note that you must email Julie Fort at to register.

The Department of State’s Advisory Committee for Historical Diplomatic Documentation will hold a virtual public meeting on December 7, 2020. The meeting, which will begin at 10 AM, will feature a presentation at 10:30 AM on the Reagan administration’s approach to the HIV/AIDS pandemic that will be of keen interest to historians of U.S. Foreign Relations, International Historians, their students, and many others.  

 The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and U.S. Foreign Policy

Alexander Poster of the Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State, will discuss the Ronald Reagan administration’s response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic as documented in Foreign Relations of the United States, 1981-1988, Volume XLI, Global Issues II. Dr. Poster will review the research he conducted and sources he used to produce the volume’s AIDS Policy compilation and discuss the ways that the U.S. Government handled the global response to AIDS during the 1980s.

Members of the public planning to attend the virtual meeting should RSVP to Julie Fort at  Instructions on how to join the virtual meeting will be provided upon receipt of RSVP.

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