H-Diplo Journal Watch [jW], Third Quarter 2020

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Dear H-Diplo readers:

We are pleased to announce that the Third Quarter 2020 issue of H-Diplo's Journal Watch [jw] is now available online, via https://hdiplo.org/to/JW-Q3-2020

Journal Watch monitors leading scholarly journals for articles of particular interest to scholars of diplomacy, foreign relations, and international history. It is updated quarterly.

Sarah J. Gavison is the editor for journal titles A-E.
Fred Edwards is the editor for journal titles F-I.
Michael A. Innes is the editor for journal titles J-M.
Kaete O’Connell is the editor for journal titles N-Z.

Notification of any errors or proposals for additional journals to be covered should be made to the editors listed above, care of the H-Diplo e-mail address (h-diplo [at] h-net.msu.edu). Technical problems should be sent to George Fujii, via fujii [at] mail.h-net.msu.edu.


The H-Diplo Editors

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