International Relations Virtual Forum

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As the health crisis proves that national blueprints are of little use in the face of a pandemic that does not understand borders, we have launched a digital platform that aspires to be a meeting place for the exchange of ideas. In this forum, we will discuss topics in history, international relations, political science, sociology, etc.

The format will be as follows: a speaker will give a brief presentation of about 20 minutes through Facebook Live, and then a question-discussion session will follow, in which users connected through chat will be able to participate. The sessions will be in Spanish or English. We will inform you in advance of the dates and times. Please pass the word along. Thanks in advance.

Are you interested in a conference about European Union future in the stormy scenario of International Relations, post-COVID 19 ¿? Stay tuned. July 6th, 6pm, Madrid -noon at New York, starring the top-notch scholar, Nathalie Tocci. Conference on line available, via FACEBOOK LIVE:


Academic coordinators: 

Francisco Rodríguez Jiménez – Universidad de Extremadura, Global Studies-USAL

Carlos Sanz Díaz – Universidad Complutense de Madrid  

Samuel Lillo Espada – Universidad Complutense de Madrid  

Jennifer Morales – Escuela de Administración en Negocios, Colombia

Moisés Rodríguez Escobar – Universidad de Salamanca

Xesc Mainzer Cardell – Universidad Complutense de Madrid  

Ignacio Cordero García – Universidad de Extremadura

Ros Costelo Ávila – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas




Advisory council: 

Nick Cull – University of Southern California

Victoria Phillips –  London School of Economic

Jessica Gienow-Hecht – Freie Universität Berlin

Morten Heiberg – University of Copenhagen 

António Costa Pinto  – Universidade de Lisboa

David Jorge – El Colegio de México

Maria de Deus Manso – Universidade de Évora  

Alexandre Moreli  – Universidade de São Paulo

Sigfrido Vázquez  – Universidad de Extremadura

Paola Suárez Ávila – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 

Cristian Medina – Universidad San Sebastian, Chile

Rinna Kullaa  – Tampere University  

Raanan Rein – Tel Aviv University

Olga Volosyuk – Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Haruko Hosoda –Nihon University, Tokyo

Feriel Bouhafa – Cambridge University

Atul Singh – Founder and CEO of FAIR OBSERVER

William Mulligan – University College Dublin 

Laurence Badel –Sorbonne Université, Paris I

Matthias Schulz – Université de Genève 

Erik Ringman – Ibn Haldun Universitesi, Istanbul, Turkey

Alice Cunha – Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Organizing institutions:

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Universidad de Extremadura

Universidad de Salamanca 



Grupo de Investigación en Historia de las Relaciones Internacionales (GHISTRI)

Seminario Complutense de Historia Internacional