Announcing the Podcast Historias from the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies (SECOLAS)

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We’re pleased to announce that the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies (SECOLAS) has established a podcast called Historias, run by Steven Hyland and Dustin Walcher.  A good number of our episodes are of direct interest to H-Diplo readers.  A sampling of those episodes is listed below, and the entire archive of episodes is available on the Historias' website.  We urge you to check it out! 


Historias 6 - Michael Goebel on nationalism, migration, and global urban history

Historias 8 - Gregory Weeks on Soft Power in Latin America

Historias 9 - Monica Rankin on Nelson Rockefeller and Latin America

Historias 28 – Tanya Harmer and Renata Keller on Latin America’s Cold War

Historias 38 – Luis Herrán Ávila and Randal Sheppard on AMLO

Historias 40 – Aaron Coy Moulton on Right-Wing Caribbean Dictators

Historias 44 – Renata Keller on an inter-American history of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Historias 51 – Marixa Lasso on erased histories and the Panama Canal

Historias 56 – Francesca Lessa on Operation Condor, accountability, and justice

Historias 59 – Alan McPherson on The Ghosts of Sheridan Circle

Historias 66 – Thomas Field and Carmen Soliz on the Political Crisis in Bolivia

Historias 70 – Jenny Lambe and Mike Bustamante on the enduring importance of the Cuban Revolution

Historias 77 – Amy Offner on the Evolution of Capitalism

Historias 84 - La guerrilla en América Latina en los años 60 “globales” con Aldo Marchesi

Historias 85 - Patrick Iber on Cultural Diplomacy

Historias 88 - Los agregados obreros peronistas con Ernesto Semán


You can also find us on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, and Google Play.