National Security Archive: Where and How to Submit FOIA Requests during COVID-19

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Washington D.C., April 10, 2020 - The COVID-19 public health crisis is having an unprecedented impact on the American work force, including the federal government and its FOIA and MDR offices.


Some agencies are making submitting FOIA requests more difficult, even going so far as to shutter their Records Management offices, while others are making it easier to submit requests electronically.


The disparate approaches across the federal government are causing confusion for many FOIA requesters.


The National Security Archive, led by the efforts of our FOIA Coordinator Wendy Valdes, is here to help. The Archive is maintaining a continually-updated database of where to submit both FOIAs and MDRs across the federal government, available here ( Just click on the "Status during COVID" tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see what's new.




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