Call for Teaching Resources

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To the H-Diplo Community:

Many of our institutions have moved classes online at least through the summer due to COVID-19. The H-Diplo editorial team would like to aid instructors of Diplomatic History and International Relations while also providing a pool of resources that will be available in the event of future disruptions. We are thus issuing a call for online sources that would be of use to scholars as they teach their newly online courses. These sources should be freely available, specific to a relevant field, and usable in online instructional activities. Sources could include, e.g., government documents or other primary sources, videos, games, simulations, and so on. That is, we hope to provide practical resources that will be complementary to the efforts of the American Historical Association[1], the American Political Science Association[2], and other such organizations that are currently providing guidance on best practices in online instruction. We have created a new page on our website (under "Teaching Resources," on the right-hand menu) that we will update as we receive your submissions; you will be credited for every item you submit on this page. Please send your material to me at with the subject line "H-Diplo Online Teaching," and provide a brief, publishable description of how you have used the source(s) in class.

With thanks,
Andrew Szarejko
Teaching Editor