2020 SHAFR Panel on Human Rights and Basic Needs

Elizabeth Hameeteman's picture

The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations ostensibly dedicates itself to U.S. diplomatic and foreign relations history, but it is also expansive and open to papers that are topically broad and generally international in scope. For one, our aim is to highlight the importance using the environment as a tool of analysis.

That is why we want to assemble a panel that focuses on the intersection between human rights and basic needs for the 2020 SHAFR Annual Meeting in New Orleans. David Evans will focus on food, Elizabeth Hameeteman on water. Ideally, we would like to round the panel out by including someone who can focus on air. We also welcome contributions that revolve in some other way around human rights and resources.

If you are interested in joining us, contact David Evans (University of Connecticut) at david.l.evans@uconn.edu or Elizabeth Hameeteman (Boston University) at ehameete@bu.edu. The deadline for panels is December 1st, so please respond before November 15—we look forward to hearing from you!