H-Diplo Publication Schedule, 15 July to 02 August

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The H-Diplo publlication schedule for the period 15 July to 02 August is as follows:

Week of 15 July:

1. H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable Review of Stephen M. Walt, The Hell of Good Intentions: America’s Foreign Policy Elite and the Decline of U.S. Primacy. New York: Farrah, Straus and Giroux, 2018.

Reviewed by:

Michael C. Desch, University of Notre Dame

Paul K. MacDonald, Wellesley College

Sergey Radchenko, Cardiff University, UK

Kori Schake, International Strategic Studies Institute

2. H-Diplo Article Review on Joshua Eisenman, “Comrades-in-Arms: The Chinese Communist Party´s Relations with African Political Organisations in the Mao Era, 1949-76.” Cold War History 18:4 (2018): 429-445.

Reviewed by Andreas Hilger, German Historical Institute Moscow

3. H-Diplo Article Review of Roberto Velázquez, “Modernism Came Flying: A Micro-History of Artistic Internationalism and Cultural Encounters in US-Chilean Relations, 1968,” Cold War History, 2018 (1-24).

Reviewed by Claire F. Fox, University of Iowa

4. H-Diplo/ISSF Article Review of Michael Beckley, “The Power of Nations: Measuring What Matters.” International Security 43:2 (Fall 2018): 7-44.

Reviewed by Robert J. Reardon, North Carolina State University

Week of 22 July:

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Artemy M. Kalinovsky, Laboratory of Socialist Development: Cold War Politics and Decolonization in Soviet Tajikistan. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2018.

 Introduction by Alessandro Iandolo, University of Oxford

Reviewed by:

Moritz Florin, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Jeremy Friedman, Harvard Business School

Nils Gilman, Berggruen Institute

Kristy Ironside, McGill University

2. H-Diplo Article Review of Andrew Patrick, “Woodrow Wilson, the Ottomans, and World War I.” Diplomatic History 42:5 (November 2018): 886-910.

Reviewed by Karine Walther, Georgetown University – Qatar

3. H-Diplo Article Review of Pál Germuska, “Balancing between the Comecon and the EEC: Hungarian Elite Debate on European Integration during the Long 1970s.” Cold War History, 2019.

Reviewed by László Borhi, Indiana University Bloomington

4. H-Diplo Article Review of Frédéric Gloriant, “To Adapt to the Cold War bipolar Order? Or To Challenge It? Macmillan and de Gaulle’s Rift in the Face of the Second Berlin Crisis. Cold War History 18:4 (2018): 465-483.

Reviewed by Garret J. Martin, American University

 Week of 29 July:

1. H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable Review of Sarah E. Kreps, Taxing Wars: The American Way of War Finance and the Decline of American Democracy. New York, NY: Oxford University Press 2018.

Introduction by Joshua Rovner, American University

Reviewed by: 

Linda J. Bilmes, Harvard University

Rosella Cappella Zielinski, Boston University

Matthew DiGiuseppe, Leiden University

Paul Poast, University of Chicago

Trevor Thrall, George Mason University

2. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Dagmar Herzog, Unlearning Eugenics: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Disability in Post-Nazi Europe.  Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2018. 

Introduction by Lotte Houwink ten Cate, Columbia University

Reviewed by

Susanne M. Klausen, Carleton University

Danilyn Rutherford, The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

Johanna Schoen, Rutgers University

Katherine Sorrels, University of Cincinnati

Moira Weigel, Harvard Society of Fellows

3. H-Diplo/ISSF Article Review of Oriana Skylar Mastro, “Conflict and Chaos on the Korean Peninsula: Can China’s Military Help Secure North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons.” International Security, Vol. 43, No 2 (2018).

Reviewed by Terence Roehrig, U.S. Naval War College

4. H-Diplo Article Review of Balazs Szalontai, "North Korea between China, Japan and the ROK, 2012–2016," Korea Journal, Vol. 58, No. 3 (Autumn 2018): 156–183.

Reviewed by Victor Teo, The University of Hong Kong

5. H-Diplo/ISSF Article Review of Matthew Adam Kocher, Adria K. Lawrence, and Nuno P. Monteiro. “Nationalism, Collaboration, and Resistance:  France under Nazi Occupation.” International Security, Vol. 43, No. 2 (Fall 2018), pp. 117–150.

Reviewed by Peter Liberman, Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York


Diane Labrosse, H-Diplo managing editor