Author's Response to H-Diplo Essay 174 on The Maisky Diaries. Red Ambassador to the Court of St James’s 1932-1943

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Author’s Response
to H-Diplo
Essay No. 174

An H-Diplo Book Review Essay


Published on 11 June 2019


Review Editor:  Diane Labrosse
Web and Production Editor:  George Fujii


Jonathan Haslam on Gabriel Gorodetsky, ed.  The Maisky Diaries.  Red Ambassador to the Court of St James’s 1932-1943.  trans. T. Sorokina and O. Ready.  New Haven and London:  Yale University Press, 2015.  ISBN:  9780300180671 (cloth, $40.00); 9780300221701 (paper, $25.00).



Author’s Response by Gabriel Gorodetsky, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton


A serious flaw of Prof. Haslam’s review of The Maisky Diaries, which may mislead the readers, is that it does not mention the existence of my academic version of the complete diary published by Yale University Press, in three volumes, in January 2018.[1] Those volumes would have addressed most of his concerns in the review. They include extensive commentary and detailed substantial endnotes section—all a result of 15 years of thorough research in Russian, British, French and American archives. Moreover, the Russian full edition, which he cites, has a very official tendentious commentary which fails to cross all entries with the British records in the Foreign Office and private papers’ repositories. This is particularly pertinent to the concluding sentence of his review, which is somewhat ambiguous as it may encourage the reader to consult the complete Russian version assuming there is no alternative English one.

—Prof. Gabriel Gorodetsky
Quondam Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford


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[1] Gabriel Gorodetsky, ed., The Complete Maisky Diaries, Volumes 1-3

•              Volume 1: The Rise of Hitler and the Gathering Clouds of War, 1932–1938

•              Volume 2: The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and the Battle of Britain, 1939–1940

•              Volume 3: The German Invasion of Russia and the Forging of the Grand Alliance, 1941–19

(New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018).