H-Diplo in-house publication hiatus

Diane N. Labrosse Discussion

Dear H-Diplo readers,

In keeping with its standard practice, H-Diplo will implement a moratorium on our in-house publications from 02 August until 03 September. We anticipate a lively Fall 2014 series of H-Diplo and H-Diplo/ISSF publications and discussions.

H-Diplo will continue to function during this period, with regular daily postings that include H-Net reviews as well as follow-up discussions of our recent publications. We would ask authors of reviews and commentaries to submit their completed work on time to the relevant H-Diplo review editors, who will continue their editing functions.

This may be an ideal time to catch up on past H-Diplo publications, which are available on the webpage at https://networks.h-net.org/h-diplo .

With best regards,

The H-Diplo Editors