Announcement from the CIA’s Historical Review Panel (HRP)

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From: Robert Jervis, Columbia University

Announcement from the CIA’s Historical Review Panel (HRP)

Professor Tami Biddle, Department of National Security and Strategy, US Army War College

Professor Frank Costigliola, Department of History, University of Connecticut

Professor William Inboden, Lyndon B. Johnson School, University of Texas at Austin

Professor Robert Jervis (Chair), Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Professor Thomas Newcomb (retired), Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice, Heidelberg University

Professor Jeffrey Taliaferro, Department of Political Science, Tufts University

In our last public statement, we said that the CIA’s Historical Review Panel (HRP) would meet again in June 2018. Personnel transitions at the CIA prevented that meeting from occurring, and we have recently been informed that the Panel is being restructured and will not meet again until this has been done. The reasons for this remain unclear to us, and no schedule for resumed meetings has been announced.

The State Department’s Historical Advisory Committee (HAC) will continue to monitor the CIA’s cooperation in producing the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) volumes.

Had we met in December 2018, we would have discussed and presented recommendations to the Director concerning the following topics: the status of the FRUS volumes and any current disputes; the implications of the change in the reviewing of documents in the 25-year program from making redactions to the application of the pass/fail standard to the entire document; the review processes and standards for documents that are 50 years old; the possibilities of closer contact with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requesters; the CIA’s role in reviewing documents for the presidential libraries; and the criteria for selecting topics for special releases.