Reminder: Call for SHAFR Nominations

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From:  "Michael J Allen" <>

SHAFR’s Nominating Committee is soliciting nominations for elected positions.

The 2014 elections will fill the following positions:

Vice Presidency (1 vacancy)

Council members (2 vacancies)

Graduate Student Representative to Council (1 vacancy)

Nominating Committee (1 vacancy)

Please submit nominations to the members of the Nominating Committee no later than July 10, 2014.  Nominations must include the nominee’s name, email address, institution (if applicable), and a statement of the nominee’s qualifications.  Self-nominations are encouraged.  It is helpful to indicate whether you have contacted the nominee about his or her willingness to serve.

Committee members:

Michael Allen (chair)

Northwestern University



Kelly Shannon

Florida Atlantic University



Barbara Keys

University of Melbourne


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