ANN: Dodis e-dossier on Bührle Affair

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e-Dossier: 50 years Bührle Affair For months, Fritz Real had suspected that in the Nigerian civil war, a large number of illegally exported Swiss anti-aircraft guns was used. Finally, on June 12, 1968, the Swiss Ambassador to Lagos received the decisive message: "I have now received information from a reliable source," the diplomat wrote to Berne exactly 50 years ago, "which clearly implies a gross violation of the Swiss export regulations the company Buehrle & Co. indicate." Real recommended to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the matter be "thoroughly clarified"( ). What the authorities revealed in the episode was the largest arms export scandal in Swiss history. 

On the occasion of 50 years of the Bührle Affair, the Dodis Research Center has compiled an e-dossier containing historical documents from the Dodis online database . To the e-dossier: .

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