Welcome to the new H-Diplo editors

Diane N. Labrosse's picture

The H-Diplo Editorial Board and editors are pleased to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of the H-Diplo team.

John Krige (Georgia Tech, Emeritus) has joined us as a senior review editor.

Kevin Grimm (Regent University), Daniel R. Hart (Harvard University), and Liliane Stadler (University of Utrecht) are review editors.

Mattie Webb (University of California, Santa Barbara) is a Journal Watch editor.

Bethany S. Keenan (Coe College) is our assistant copy editor.

Kaete O’Connell (Yale University), who served as Journal Watch editor for many years, has resigned that position but will remain as one of the co-editors of the New Books Newsletters. We thank her for her excellent work on JW.

We are still recruiting review editors from a range of disciplines and areas of expertise; please send a letter of interest to labrosse@mail.h-net.org if you are willing to join the review editing staff.

With best regards,

Diane Labrosse, H-Diplo managing editor