H-Diplo Publication Schedule, 15 January to 02 February

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The H-Diplo publication schedule for the period 15 January to 02 February is as follows:

Week of 15 January:

1. H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Osamah F. Khalil, America’s Dream Palace: Middle East Expertise and the Rise of the National Security State.  Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2016.

Introduction by Nathan Citino, Rice University

Reviewed by:

David C. Engerman, Brandeis University

Jeffrey G. Karam, Harvard University

Lisa Stampnitzky, University of Sheffield

Daniel Strieff, London School of Economics

Teresa Fava Thomas, Fitchburg State University

2. H-Diplo Article Review of David Holloway, “The Soviet Union and the Creation of the International Atomic Energy Agency.” Cold War History 16:2 (April 2016): 177–93.

Reviewed by Jonathan Hunt, University of Southampton

3. H-Diplo/ISSF Article Review of Rachel Elizabeth Whitlark. “Nuclear Beliefs: A Leader-Focused Theory of Counter-Proliferation.” Security Studies 26:4 (2017): 545-574, DOI:10.1080/09636412.2017.1331628.

Reviewed by Tristan A. Volpe, Naval Postgraduate School

4. H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable Review of Ben Buchanan, The Cybersecurity Dilemma: Hacking, Trust, and Fear Between Nations, Oxford University Press, 2017.

Introduction by Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Harvard Kennedy School

Reviewed by:

Nina Kollars, Franklin & Marshall College

Jon R. Lindsay, University of Toronto

Rebecca Slayton, Cornell University

Week of 22 January:

1.  H-Diplo Roundtable Introduction Review of Walter A. McDougall, The Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy:  How America’s Civil Religion Betrayed the National Interest. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2016.

Introduction by Andrew Preston, Cambridge University

Reviewed by:

Jerald A. Combs, Emeritus, San Francisco State University

Lloyd Gardner, Emeritus, Rutgers University

Raymond Haberski, Jr., IUPOUI

William Inboden, University of Texas-Austin

2. H-Diplo Article Review of Greg Kennedy, “Filling the Void?: Anglo-American Strategic Relations, Philippine Independence, and the Containment of Japan, 1932-1937.” The International History Review 39:5 (2017): 836-859. 

Reviewed by Tyler Bamford, Temple University

3. H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable Review of Trita Parsi, Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy (Yale University Press: 2017).

Reviewed by:

Robert L. Gallucci, Georgetown University

Richard Nephew, Columbia University

Gary Sick, Columbia University

Michael Singh, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

4. H-Diplo Article Review of H-Diplo Review of Nigel Ashton, "Taking Friends for Granted: The Carter Administration, Jordan, and the Camp David Accords, 1977–1980." Diplomatic History 41:3 June 2017.

Reviewed by William B. Quandt, Professor of Politics, Emeritus, University of Virginia

Week of 29 January:

1. H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable Review of Zachary Shore, A Sense of the Enemy: The High-Stakes History of Reading Your Rival’s Mind. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.

Introduction by James Sheehan, Stanford University Emeritus

Reviewed by:

James G. Blight and janet M. Lang, University of Waterloo, Canada

Eliot A. Cohen, John Hopkins SAIS

Fiona Hill, The Brookings Institution

Tuong Vu, University of Oregon

2. H-Diplo Article Review of Glenn Hastedt, “The CIA and Congressional Oversight: Learning and Forgetting Lessons.” Intelligence and National Security 32:6 (2017): 710-724. 

Reviewed by Jordan Tama, American University

3. H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable Review of Nicolas Guilhot, After the Enlightenment: Political Realism and International Relations in the Mid-Twentieth Century. Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Introduction by Daniel Bessner, University of Washington

Reviewed by:

Alison McQueen, Stanford University

Or Rosenboim, City, University of London.

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, Yale University

4. H-Diplo Article Review of Phil Tiemeyer. “Launching a Nonaligned Airline: JAT Yugoslav Airways between East, West, and South, 1947-1962”.  Diplomatic History 41:1 (January 2017): 78-103.

Reviewed by David J. Snyder, University of South Carolina 


Diane Labrosse, H-Diplo managing editor