Call for H-Diplo Review Editors and Journal Watch Editors

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Call for H-Diplo Review Editors and Journal Watch Editors:

H-Diplo is recruiting a number of new editors as we enhance and expand our publications. If you enjoy H-Diplo, and if you find that H-Diplo offers a valuable service for you and the academic community at large, please consider joining us.

1. Journal Watch Editors:

H-Diplo’s Journal Watch (JW) was inaugurated in 2007. It provides the scholarly community with an easily searchable database of thousands of new publications in the fields of diplomatic history and international relations

The JW editors are assigned a particular range of journals to cover and submit their work on a quarterly basis. The position involves one weekend’s worth of work, four times per year.

2. Review Editors:

H-Diplo is recruiting review editors to join our publication program as we widen the scope and range of our reviews. H-Diplo one of the most relevant and important open-access scholarly resources on the Internet, and the global flagship list for all scholars of diplomatic history and international relations. Our subscriber base continues to expand, and our website attracts tens of thousands of visits per month, many of which involve new readers. Each year we publish close to 250 in-house publications, along with over 100 H-Diplo H-Net reviews. We regularly review articles from Cold War History, Diplomatic History, Intelligence and National Security, International History Review, International Journal, International Security, Journal of American East Asian Studies, Journal of Cold War Studies, Journal of Strategic Studies, Journal of Transatlantic Studies, and Security Studies.

All this requires much work, of course. If you enjoy reading our publications, please consider joining us.

Working under the direction of Tom Maddux and Diane Labrosse, and in discussion with review editors, H-Diplo review editors assign discussions of important new books and articles on a vast range of topics that are germane to our readers. We seek engaged scholars of all ranks, from junior scholars to professors emeriti/ae, who wish to join our collegial team of editors for a two-year period. The general workload involves roughly ten hours of work per week, and can be tailored to meet the particular schedules and availability of the editors. Assignments can be divided along areas of specialty and research interest, on both geographical and methodological terms, and we are also happy to assign specific journals to specific editors. We seek specialists on Latin and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, in particular, along with those with expertise on any aspect of US foreign relations.

Please send a letter of interest to Diane Labrosse and let us know why you wish to join H-Diplo and in which specific capacity. We are a collegial bunch and welcome new editors who are eager to work with us as we continue to improve our service to the academic community and beyond.

With best regards,

Diane Labrosse, H-Diplo managing editor



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