CONF: Awkward Relations? Britain and Germany in Europe since the Second World War

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

16.00 -16.30

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Welcome and Introduction



Dr. Christoph Laucht (Swansea) – Destroy – Internationalize – Defend: The Kiel Canal and British-West German Relations in the Early Cold War, c.1945-55

Dr. Detlev Mares (Darmstadt) – Margaret Thatcher and German Reunification

Chair: Prof. Patrick Salmon (Foreign Office UK)



Keynote: Prof. Sir Richard J. Evans (Cambridge) – Forever Re-Fighting the War? British Attitudes to Germany since 1945

Introduction: Dr. Mathias Haeussler (Cambridge)



Thursday, 24 March 2016



Prof. Rainer Liedtke (Regensburg) – The Germanization of Europe in British Newspaper Cartoons since the Late Nineteenth Century

Dr. Jasper Trautsch (Regensburg) – Great Britain and the Westernization of Germany after 1945

Chair: Prof. Jonathan Wright (Oxford)



Keynote: Dr. N. Piers Ludlow (LSE) – A Most Business-like Relationship: Anglo-German Relations since 1945 and the Inadequacies of Behaving Normally

Introduction: Dr. Alexander Reinfeldt (Hamburg)



Dr. Jens Kreutzfeldt (Karlsruhe) – Floating into reserve? Anglo-German relations as outlet and catalyst in European reform debate after 1945

Mechthild Herzog (Luxemburg) – When the Right Honourable Gentlemen Joined the Sober Europhiles: British and German Members of the European Parliament in the 1970s

Dr. Lucia Coppolaro (Padova) – Strained Relations: the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany in the Tokyo Round of GATT negotiations (1973-1979)

Chair: Dr. Alexander Reinfeldt (Hamburg)



Dr. Andrew Holt (The National Archives, UK) – Britain, West Germany and the Multilateral Force (MLF)

Harold Mock (Virginia) – Awkward Allies: NATO-EC Policy as a Source of Anglo-German Rivalry in the 1970s

Susan Colbourn (Toronto) – Pulling „Chestnuts Out of the Fire“ Britain, West Germany, and the European Position on Siberian Pipeline, 1981-1982

Chair: Dr. Mathias Haeussler (Cambridge)



Conference Organisers:

Dr. Alexander Reinfeldt (Hamburg),

Dr. Mathias Haeussler (Cambridge),


The conference forms part of the Cambridge German Studies Research Hub, supported by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Foreign Office (FFO). It has been organised in close cooperation with the AG Internationale Geschichte under the auspices of the German Historikerverband.


Important Note:

Given the limited number of spaces available, conference attendees should get in contact with the organisers by email, so that places can be reserved.