Archives of the UN Development Programme (UNDP)

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Dear Colleagues,

Has anyone used the UNDP archives?  If so, or if you otherwise have info, would you please pass on contact info.  I have been in touch with the UN Archives and my contact there--who has been very helpful locating documents--has come up empty when attempting to make contact with UNDP.



Christian McMillen 
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University of Virginia 
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Dear Christian McMillen and H-Diplo Colleagues,

As a UN historian who studies UN development efforts in the 1950s and 60s I am aware of the limited amount of material on the UNDP at the UN archive in NY. I am unaware of any dedicated archive for UNDP, unlike those for WHO, ILO, FAO, etc. You might want to have a look at the Arthur David Kemp Owen (David Owen) papers held in the Butler Library at Columbia University. Owen was, of course, the first co-director of UNDP and administered its predecessors. Paul Hoffman, the other co-director of UNDP has private papers at the Truman Presidential Library. If you are looking for more 'on-the-ground efforts', UNDP did publish a magazine of sorts and its activities would also be cataloged in the "Annual Report of the Secretary General of the United Nations" which can be located on the UN's Online Document System. I hope this helps a bit.

All the best,

Aaron Rietkerk