Gastrodiplomacy in Contemporary International Relations of Asia Everyday Nationalism: Gastronomic Campaigns of Taiwan, Thailand, and South Korea

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Hello H-Diplo Readers!

I am conducting a comparative case study on food identity as a form of nationalism for North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. 

Research Question
How effective is edible nationalism by non-state and state actors in the nation branding of South Korea, North Korea, Japan, and Taiwan (2009-2019)? 
i. What factors have influenced edible nationalism by non-state and state actors?

So, if you are an author/academic/practitioner for the countries above in: 

Food & International Relations 
Food & Society 
Food History
Food, Nostalgia, Nationalism
Food Studies
The North Korean case is a bite unique. Genuinely interested in responses if you have traveled to the country and tried the local cuisine. This research needs 20 interviewees, with five designated for each country. 

I will email a PPT on my presented work so far. 

Terminal degrees are processes embedded in processes. Grateful for any help or comment you send my way. 

Thank you,