H-Diplo Publication Moratorium

Diane N. Labrosse's picture

Dear H-Diplo readers,

We are pleased to welcome another review editor: Dr. Sarah-Jane Corke, University of New Brunswick.

In keeping with its standard practice, H-Diplo will implement a moratorium on our publications from 09 August to 06 September. We anticipate a lively 2022/23 series of publications, including our “Learning the Scholar’s Craft” essays; our roundtable, book, and article reviews; our teaching roundtables; and several new and continuing essay series and policy forums.

This may be an ideal time to catch up on past H-Diplo and H-Diplo/ISSF publications, which are available on the webpage at https://networks.h-net.org/h-diplo.

H-Diplo will continue to function during this period, with regular daily postings. The H-Diplo review editors will also continue their commissioning and editing work. Please do reach out to the editors should you encounter any difficulties in meeting the submission dates.

With best regards,

 Diane Labrosse, H-Diplo managing editor