Thanks to the H-Diplo editors

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Dear H-Diplo readers,

As the academic year ends and many of you are heading off for research trips and summer travel, I would like to thank our incredible team of H-Diplo editors. They have made H-Diplo one of the most relevant and important open-access scholarly resources on the Internet, and the global flagship list for all scholars of diplomatic history and international relations. Our subscriber base continues to expand (H-Diplo is one of the largest and most-searched H-Net lists), and our website attracts tens of thousands of visits per month, many of which involve new readers. Each year we publish close to 250 in-house publications, along with over 100 H-Diplo H-Net reviews. We regularly review articles from Cold War History, Diplomatic History, Intelligence and National Security, International History Review, International Journal, International Security, Journal of American East Asian Studies, Journal of Cold War Studies, Journal of Transatlantic Studies, Journal of Strategic Studies, and Security Studies.

Tom Maddux, CSU Northridge, emeritus, our prolific and indispensable senior editor, is responsible for the majority of our publications. Our two other excellent senior review editors, Cindy Ewing (University of Toronto) and Seth Offenbach (Bronx Community College) are on leave. Seth is currently serving as the President of H-Net itself! We look forward to welcoming them back next year.

Tom works with a team of dedicated and talented review editors: Lindsay Aqui, University of Westminster (on leave); Michael C. Behrent, Appalachian State University; Frank Gerits, Utrecht University; Georgios Giannakopoulos, Academy of Athens/King’s College London; Masami Kimura, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; Damien Mahiet, Brown University; Andrew Szarejko, Naval Postgraduate School and soon Wartburg College; and Taomo Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (on leave).

I am delighted to welcome our newest additions to the review editing team: Carleigh Cartmell, Balsillie School of International Affairs; Joseph Gonzalez, Appalachian State University; Lori Maguire, University of Reims; Elisabeth Roehrlich, University of Vienna; and Dong Wang, Shanghai University.

All of us bid a fond farewell to several former review editors and thank them for their excellent work on the behalf of H-Diplo: Dayna Barnes, National Defense University; Jon Davidann, University of Hawai’i; Michael Innes, King’s College London; Michael E. Neagle, Nichols College, and David Webster, Bishop’s University.

As always, H-Diplo relies heavily on the knowledge and expertise of George Fujii, Independent Scholar, our Web and Production Editor, who is responsible for the formatting, publication, and archiving of all of our essays and reviews.

Our list moderators and editors, Seth Offenbach, Christopher Ball, Independent Scholar, and Julie Prieto, U.S. Army Center of Military History, ensure the daily smooth functioning of the list.

2022 marks the fifteenth anniversary of H-Diplo’s Journal Watch publication. I am pleased to welcome Daniel R. Hart, Harvard University, to the team of editors. He joins Fred Edwards, Independent Scholar; Sarah J. Gavison, Independent Scholar; and Kaete O’Connell, Yale University. Thanks to Mike Innes for his past work on Journal Watch. Our JW editors, along with George Fujii, provide an invaluable service to the academic community. They curate and collate our quarterly JW reports that include the tables of contents of all periodicals that are germane to the fields of diplomatic history and international relations.

Andrew Szarejko oversees the popular H-Diplo Syllabus project and is the senior editor of our teaching roundtables.

Fred Edwards and Kaete O’Connell are the editors of H-Diplo’s New Books Newsletter.

George Fujii is H-Diplo’s Senior Social Media Editor, and works with Andrew Szarejko and William Whitworth, Northeastern University, to maintain our Twitter account.

H-Diplo’s Consulting Review Editors, Nicole Phelps, University of Vermont, Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, Wesleyan University; Alden Young, UCLA, and Yafeng Xia, Long Island University, serve advisory roles in the commissioning of certain H-Diplo review editors and assign occasional reviews

H-Diplo also very much relies upon its large and distinguished Editorial Board for its sound counsel and guidance of the list. Its members are as follows:

President of the H-Diplo Editorial Board: Elizabeth Hoffman, San Diego State University

Thomas Blanton, Director of the National Security Archive, The George Washington University

Kathleen Burk, University College London, Emeritus

Malcolm Byrne, the National Security Archive, The George Washington University

Hope M. Harrison, The George Washington University

James Hershberg, The George Washington University

William Keylor, Boston University

Fredrik Logevall, Harvard University

Thomas Maddux, California State University, Northridge, emeritus

Chester Pach, Ohio University

Priscilla M. Roberts, City University of Macau

Yone Sugita, Osaka University

Janice Terry, Eastern Michigan University, emerita

Gerhard L. Weinberg, University of North Carolina, emeritus

Odd Arne Westad, Harvard University

Thomas Zeiler, University of Colorado at Boulder

I would also like to thank Tom Blanton, Director of the National Security Archive, and Malcolm Byrne, Deputy Director and Director of Research of the National Security Archive. They have supported H-Diplo with many years of service on the H-Diplo Editorial Board, and initiated and oversee the National Security Archive’s support for the H-Diplo Managing Editor’s position.

Most importantly, all of us at H-Diplo thank the vast global community of scholars who, year after year, write reviews for us, participate in our roundtables, subscribe to the list, and participate in its discussions. The editors very much appreciate the vital support of this community, as well as the larger circle of diplomats, journalists, civil servants, and other professionals who fill H-Diplo’s subscriber base.

My warm regards,

Diane Labrosse, H-Diplo managing editor