Join the Zoryan Institute for a Virtual Panel Discussion on Current Trends in Genocide, Atrocity, and Human Rights Studies with Alumni of its Genocide and Human Rights University Program

Megan Reid Discussion

The Zoryan Institute is thrilled to be hosting its first ever Genocide and Human Rights University Program (GHRUP) Alumni Virtual Panel Discussion on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 6:30PM EST. This event, titled Rethinking Studies in Genocide, Atrocity, and Human Rights: A Virtual Panel Discussion with GHRUP Alumni, will bring together a group of four GHRUP alumni from around the globe, with expertise on diverse subject matters to present their most recent work and discuss emerging issues in the field of Genocide and Human Rights Studies. 

Prof. Joyce Apsel, Ph.D., J.D., Clinical Professor of Humanities in the Liberal Studies Program of the College of Arts and Sciences at New York University, and GHRUP Course Director, will serve as the moderator for this discussion, weaving together the common threads between case studies and themes and highlighting what the presenters can learn from each other's work and research. She will be encouraging dialogue between the presenters and the audience, and asking questions that provoke panelists to challenge their own perspectives on and assumptions about their areas of expertise. 

Audience members will have the opportunity to join the discussion and ask panelists and Prof. Apsel questions about topics covered in the Q&A portion of the event!

Visit this link to register today! 

About the panelists and discussion topics: 

Panelist: Anastasia Leshchyshyn, PhD Candidate, Political Science, McGill University
Discussion Topic: Connections between photography during the Holodomor and coverage of the current war in Ukraine.

Panelist: Dr. Asya Darbinyan, Ph.D. in History, Clark University; Postdoctoral Scholar at Martin-Springer Institute, Northern Arizona University
Discussion Title: Introducing the Russian Empire and the Armenian Refugees in the Caucasus to the Armenian Genocide Studies

Panelist: Daniel Gonzalez-Stier, Professor, University of Buenos Aires and National University of Lomas de Zamora; Magistrate as Public Defender on Criminal Law, Buenos Aires
Discussion Title: The Prevention of Genocide: A Perspective From International Criminal Law 

Panelist: Lauren Grant, MA in Human Rights, Central European University; MSc Candidate, Violence, Conflict and Development, University of London
Discussion Title: The Genocidal Coloniality of Climate-induced Displacement: Rethinking Accountability and Legal Protection in an Era of Crisis

***There are only a few weeks left to apply for the Virtual 2022 GHRUP, taking place August 1-12, 2022! Visit this link to learn more about the program and register today!***