Using NARA’s Websites (Plural) and Online Catalog

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Two Handouts that Hopefully will Help You Use NARA’s Websites (Plural) and Online Catalog

June 23, 2021 

Using the National Archives Websites (Plural)” and 

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The Online National Archives Catalog: Understand and Do More With It 

Methodical research in federal records in the National Archives requires researchers to consider how their person or subject might have interacted with the federal government, identify relevant record groups and record series, and then search those record series for mention of the person or subject. The online National Archives Catalog can help find nuggets of information that would have taken hours, days, or years to find in pre-digital days—or perhaps would never have been found at all. Genealogical researchers should search the Catalog annually for surnames and place names of interest.

are now posted on this website. I hope you find them useful.

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