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Introducing the New Lincoln Group of DC Website


The Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia, aka the Lincoln Group of DC, aka the Lincoln Group, aka LGDC, has a new website! Here’s a preview (see below the photo for more):


Our new URL is

The old Lincoln Group of DC website served us well for many years, but advancements in website technology led to a much needed change. Many thanks to former LGDC president and long-time website guru Karen Needles for building and maintaining the old website. Outgoing LGDC president John O’Brien took responsibility for finding an outside website developer, making the sometimes-painstaking transition from our old to the new provider, and maintaining the superstructure of the new Wix-based site. The result is a beautiful visual upgrade. We’re still transitioning the “members only” functions to the new site, so please have a bit more patience until the site is fully functional, but do take advantage of some of the new features.

Our biggest change – besides the obvious visual interface – is the addition of a Lincoln News Blog (“News” on the menu bar). We’ll have news about what the Lincoln Group is doing, about what is happening with Lincoln in the DC area, and important Lincoln news from around the country. It’s well worth checking out daily to keep up on new events.Another feature is our Study Forum page (“Study Forum” on the menu bar). For many years we’ve had a book discussion group that meets on Saturday morning once a month at the Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership directly across the street from the historic Ford’s Theatre (where Lincoln was shot) and next door to the Petersen House (where Lincoln died). That book discussion group has evolved into a study group for all things Lincoln, although we still focus on a book as our vehicle for that study. We’ve moved online via Zoom during the past pandemic year, which has allowed Lincoln Group members who live outside the DC area to join us.



Another important section of the new website is the Events page (“Events” on the menu bar). You’ll find brief highlights and bios of upcoming speakers and other events organized by the Lincoln Group. We’ve continued our monthly “dinner” meetings (previously held at Maggiano’s restaurant in the Friendship Heights area of DC) via a series of monthly Zoom meetings. Lincoln Group members have also been featured in events sponsored by the Cosmos Club, the Illinois State Society, the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, and other venues. We’ll continue to work with other Lincoln organizations like ALI, Ford’s Theatre, President Lincoln’s Cottage, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives on future events. We’ve done so much and have plans to do much more, including participating in the Lincoln Memorial Centennial commemorations scheduled for May 2022.



There is much more to see on the new website, so click on over and take a look around. And check back regularly for News and other important updates.

One more thing. In a few days I will be taking over as the new president of the Lincoln Group of DC. Our outgoing president, John O’Brien, has done a superhuman job “herding cats” (as one Lincoln Group Board member put it) for the last three years. His guidance and fortitude was especially needed during this past “Year of the COVID.” I’ll have big shoes to fill, but luckily for me and the Lincoln Group, John will be keeping touch with us from “the other DC” (aka, Denver, Colorado). So take a moment to thank John for his leadership. I am personally indebted to him and hope to carry on in his image.

David J. Kent is the author of Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America. His newest Lincoln book is scheduled for release in February 2022. His previous books include Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity and Edison: The Inventor of the Modern World and two specialty e-books: Nikola Tesla: Renewable Energy Ahead of Its Time and Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla: Connected by Fate.

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