HPRB ACTIONS - July 30, 2020

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July 30, 2020


The Historic Preservation Review Board convened a public meeting on July 30 via WebEx. Present for the meeting were: Marnique Heath, Chair; Andrew Aurbach, Thomas Brokaw, Linda Greene, Outerbridge Horsey, Sandra Jowers-Barber, Gretchen Pfaehler.





Kingman Park Historic District amendment (boundary expansion), Case 20-03.

The Board heard testimony on the proposed historic district expansion but requested that a map be developed that shows the locations of the residences associated with significant people cited in the application prior to deliberating and taking a vote.  The Board asked that the case be rescheduled for the September meeting.



801-1199 Sycamore Lane SE, HPA 20-346, concept/subdivision and construction of townhouses. 

The Board approved the concept with the following conditions: that there be more consistency and less contrast of colors and elements across the project, with the quoins to be the same color of the body brick; that the brick return around the sides/ends of each building; that the belt courses be consistent and not project; that siding on the rears of buildings be of fiber-cement board and not vinyl; that the windows on fronts and sides visible from the streets not be vinyl but be compatible with the design guidelines for windows; that the arrangement/ganging of windows be consistent within at least each unit; that the applicant make the gables symmetrical and center the gable windows; and that the landscape be developed further, especially along Alabama Avenue.  The Board asked that design development return to a future hearing, at least on the consent calendar.  Vote: 5-0 (Greene absent; Aurbach recused)


2700 block 13th Street SE, HPA 20-399, concept/construction of parking garage.

The Board approved the concept for a garage without a wrapper building at present, with further review delegated to staff, with the follow conditions: that the exterior concrete walls be of a warm beige or darker gray than depicted; that a landscape plan be developed with sufficiently abundant plantings—trees or a living greens screen or both—not only on the north and south sides of the structure, but also facing 13th Street, where the wrapper should be, to screen the structure indefinitely; and that there not be large signs on the structure’s exterior.  Vote: 5-0 (Aurbach recused)



3428, 3430 and 3432 Oakwood Terrace NW, HPA 20-229, revised concept/resubdivide three lots into two and construct two three-story flats.

The Board approved the concept as compatible with the character of the historic district, and delegated to staff further review and clearance of a permit application, with the conditions that the meters and plumbing vent stacks be adequately resolved (with the meters to be inside the buildings, if necessary to conceal them), and that some relief be given to the exterior walls, such as a water table, door surrounds or hoods. The Board recommended that the applicant consider blind windows or some other relief on the north wall, in consultation with staff.  Vote: 6-0. 



3512 Lowell Street NW, HPA 20-234, revised concept/garage stabilization plan and construction of new dwelling.

The Board required that the topography of the site be restored back to its original condition following utility work, approved the rehabilitation plan for the garage, and found the new house to be a sympathetic and compatible addition to the Cleveland Park Historic District contingent on its east wall being moved to the east side setback line and any utility meters being placed on the side or rear of the house.  The Board asked the applicant to look at using pervious surfaces for the proposed paving in the rear yard, and asked that the plans be forwarded back to the Board on the consent calendar when ready.  Vote:  6-0.



312 3rd Street NE, HPA 20-337, permit/two-story rear addition.

As requested by ANC 6B, the case was deferred until September to allow the ANC an opportunity to review the submission.



717-719 H Street NW, HPA 20-345, concept/third-story addition to two-story building.

The Board approved the concept design for building alterations and the roof addition, contingent on pulling the roof planter back from the edge of the roof and the brick attic story being extended across the entire stable building façade.  Final approval was delegated to staff.  Vote:  6-0.



1905-07 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE, HPA 20-402, concept/new construction of five-story office and retail building.

The Board approved the proposed lot combination subdivision and foundation to grade in concept and delegated final approval for each to staff.  Vote:  6-0. 

The Board made a variety of suggestions for making the proposed building less boxy, recommending a greater variety of setbacks and façade plane changes, that the penthouse be more recessive on MLK, and that the language of the “B” façade be developed to be more in character with the historic district, and for the project to return for further review when ready.  Vote:  5-0 (Heath recused). 




The Consent Calendar was approved by a vote of 7-0.



Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, 1411 W Street SE, technical amendment to National Register listing submitted by National Park Service. 



741 12th Street SE, HPA 20-397, concept/two-story rear addition, roof deck, one-story garage.


715 10th Street SE, HPA 20-398, permit/add second story to existing building.


120 4th Street NE, HPA 20-328, concept/two-story rear addition.



2631-2641 Connecticut Avenue NW, HPA 20-396, concept/third floor addition and penthouse.



Transcripts of Historic Preservation Review Board Meetings may be purchased from the court reporting agency that covered this hearing – Neal R. Gross & Co., Inc., (202) 234-4433, www.nealrgross.com   or info@nealrgross.com . Individual staff reports that are prepared in advance of the hearing are posted on our website at https://planning.dc.gov .





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