USCHS programs May/June 2020

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Scholars Series

Wednesday, May 27

12:00-1:00 PM (EDT)


Lincoln's Majordomo:

Benjamin Brown French and

Civil War Washington

David J. Gerleman of George Mason University will explore some of the most stirring and heart-rending events of the Lincoln administration through the eyes of Benjamin Brown French. Period photographs and insightful snippets from French's voluminous journals spanning forty years of Washington life will give an intimate view of the era by one of the 19th century's sharpest political observers.


Lunch Bites with Steve and Jane

Thursday, May 28

12:00-1:00 PM (EDT)


History All Around Us, Part 4

James Greenleaf

IMAGE: Library of Congress

Capitol Hill is a treasure trove of stories, and our Chief Guide Steve Livengood loves to share them! Join Steve and USCHS President/CEO Jane Campbell for a historical view of First St. NE at C St. and Constitution Ave. Topics will include the Carroll Arms Hotel and James Greenleaf's house, the Monocle, and Buckner Thurston.


Panel Discussion

Monday, June 8

12:00-1:00 PM (EDT)


Launching the Podcast Shaping History: Women and Capitol Art

Vinnie Ream's statue of Lincoln,

Capitol Rotunda

IMAGE: Architect of the Capitol

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society and the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center join together to celebrate the launch of the 10-part podcast Shaping History: Women in Capitol Art.


Janet Clemens and Marcey Frutchey of the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center will discuss the process of creating a rich soundscape featuring curators, historians, artists, descendants of honored subjects, and eyewitnesses.


Listen to the podcast

2020 Symposium:

100 Years of

Women Voting


Gaining the franchise was just the beginning. Over six weeks, distinguished speakers will discuss the impact of women in American government and public life over the last century.

Women's suffrage parade, March 3, 1913

IMAGE: Library of Congress


No matter where you are, you can attend our 2020 symposium! The rescheduled program will be conducted as a virtual series, and will cover all of the topics planned for the original event.


Sessions will begin in August; details and dates will be shared in our social media posts and in these newsletters over the coming weeks.




100 Years of Women Voting is co-sponsored by the Kluge Center at the Library of Congress and made possible by the National Women’s Suffrage Commission.

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