History Quest platform updated

Bruce Yarnall's picture

Since the December 2017 launch of History Quest, the DC Historic Preservation Office has continued to gather and refine historical data on the city’s buildings.  History Quest is a graphic GIS-based map providing information on over 132,000 original “to build” permits of the District’s building stock.  


Thanks to continued research and comments from users, historical information on 18,925 buildings is now updated and data added on another 2,000 buildings that lacked information in the initial launch.  These improvements largely focus on the Old City and the areas East of the Anacostia River as research continues for other areas of the District. 


Users are reminded to select on the information button (i) of History Quest to learn more about the various layer tools and search functions of the platform. These functions allow individuals to more fully research houses and neighborhood, explore the city, and enhance knowledge of the city’s built environment. 


The HPO also appreciate users who use the “Propose Data Change” tab to alert staff of corrections or inaccuracies in the current data.  Your observations are invaluable.  Thanks!


Check out the site at: https://planning.dc.gov/node/1203082