Early notice - National Book Festival panel - August 31, 2019

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This session hasn't made it into the festival app or website yet, and there's a really big schedule of concurrent sessions, but this one might be worth attending.

National Book Festival Super Users Panel - Convention Center Room 152, Washington Convention Center

Presentation Name: LOC Super User Panel – Copyright/Researchers/Law/etc.

Moderator: Eric Smith

Panel Members: Eric Smith – Poet/Copyright/Researcher; Michael “Mike” Hill – Researcher/Historian; Athena Angelos – Photographer/Researcher/Copyright; Matthew Gilmore – Researcher/Blogger/Historian/Author


Presentation Type: Panel


Description:  The core premise of this presentation on “LOC Super Users”, people that rely heavily on our services and use them frequently.  These users may be college students, researchers, members of the legal profession, teachers, historians, parents that use YRC programming, creators – composers, authors, photographers, architects, poets, film makers, playwrights, etc.  This “user centric” theme is also in line with one of the core elements of the LOC Strategic Plan. 


The 4-5 person panel would explore the various ways that access to LOC has assisted them in the creative; academic; or legal process, and the value it has afforded their work.


Presentation Time: 5 pm


NBF app web version https://event.crowdcompass.com/natbookfest19/